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Whether you’re a traditional enterprise, an NFT / DAO community, or simply Web3 curious — we’ll help you capture the potential of this rapidly expanding digital landscape.

Blockchain is here to stay. What’s your strategy?

At Brickell Digital, we help you strategize and execute activations that have a profound impact on your business’ bottom line. Take actions that have a real impact without getting caught up in the hype.

Our Services

We help with all aspects of your Web3 project

Web3 Advisory

Optimize your organization’s go-to-market strategy with a team that understands the intricacies of the space. We have experience assisting both traditional enterprises and crypto-native projects alike.

Community Management

Build a thriving community online and IRL with proven strategies that keep members highly active and engaged. We’ll handle discord creation & moderation, curate twitter spaces, and strategize digital activations.

Marketing Services

Energize your project with social media advertising, influencer marketing, discord moderation, and specifically curated project collaborations to keep your project aligned & integrated with the best of Web3 culture.


Utilize our network of developers to ensure the technical portion of your project goes smoothly. We have experience in NFT deployment, web design, allowlisting, token-gating content, rarity rankings, and more.

Branding & Graphic Design

Build brand equity & inspire your audience with powerfully designed graphic assets. We handle creation of branding kits, project artwork, 3D modeled assets, social media graphics, event fliers, and more.

metaverse consulting

Ensure your Web3 strategy includes the use of the correct tooling suite so processes are streamlined. We’ll help with the right tools for data collection, community outreach, collaborative design, and more.

Let our work speak for itself

The Shrimp Society

The Shrimp Society is a Miami-based tech community of startup founders. Brickell Digital was commissioned in October of 2021 to handle all aspects of NFT community building, marketing, artwork, development, and deployment of the required smart contracts. Through our work we grew the community 19x (from 100 to 1900 members) and raised $350,000 through the sale of Shrimp NFTs.

The Knight Society

The Knight Society is a Rutgers based community founded by former Rutgers athletics legends Geo Baker & Eric LeGrand that focuses on NIL deals for student-athletes and an enhanced alumni/supporter network experience. Brickell Digital was commissioned for assistance on all aspects of community building, artwork, marketing, and development / deployment of associated smart contracts. In 2 months, we have overseen community growth from 0 to 2,650 members.

Meet the founders

Luke Didriksen

M.S. in Data Analytics. Former Web2 digital marketing agency owner turned Web3 fanatic. Hackathon organizer. Relentlessly optimistic.

Bryan Early

NFT special matters expert at RSM US. Involved in client engagements, research innovation, & business development. Lead idea guy.

Matt Gomes

Architecture designer by day, Web3 fanatic by night. Creative director with an eye for innovation. Lead design guy.

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